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TINTIN Trial 1-year outcomes

Leipzig, January 28th, 2020.

TINTIN is a physician initiated, prospective, single arm multicenter, Belgian trial, that investigates the safety and efficacy of the treatment with luminor DCB and iVolution self-expanding stent in TASC C and D femoropopliteal lesions of 240mm average.

The 1-year clinical outcomes of TINTIN Trial were presented at LINC 2020 by Dr Koen Deloose (Dendermonde, Belgium) who stated, during his presentation, that: “The combination of luminor DCB and iVolution self-expanding stent, shows impressive 1-year outcomes in the TINTIN trial, comparable to DEs but in more complex lesions”.


TINTIN 1-year outcomes show a Primary Patency of 90.5%, freedom from TLR of 94.4%.

Safety has been proved with 0 device related deaths.

Outcomes al 12-months TINTIN

Outcomes al 12-months TINTIN