Coronary scoring balloon
A new player in calcified lesions

Naviscore is an innovative coronary scoring balloon dilatation catheter.
iVascular breaks new ground by developing a product with a hybrid design that combines the benefits of scoring and cutting balloons.

Significant bifurcation

Naviscore has a hybrid design that combines the benefits of scoring and cutting balloons.

Best of cutting

Axial filaments orientation:

Ensures greater cross capacity and a 90º axial plaque modification.

Best of scoring

Nitinol wires flexibility:

Ensures better navigability and low perforation risk while modifying the plaque.

Optimal trackability

Naviscore easily crosses the lesion

Low profiles and no deformation ensured by axial structure.

Low artery wall friction due to proprietary hydrophilic coating.

The smallest diameter available in the market.


Enhanced scoring capacity

Naviscore performs an effective plaque modification

6 times

larger scoring surface than competitor.

21x more force

than conventional balloons. Uniform axial force at 90º offers more control on plaque modification.

20 atm of RBP

High-resistant semi-compliant balloon.

Excellent rewrap and recross capabilities

Naviscore inflates as many times as you need

Excellent balloon foldingdue to its memory shape nitinol structure.

Optimized profile rewrapping thanks to unique scoring.

What do KOLs think?

“Naviscore is a very powerful device with more pushability than the other competitors, easier entry into the lesions, and greater plaque modification. Naviscore should be the first choice device for treatment of these difficult and complex lesions thanks to its crossing capacity of severely calcified lesions at the 1st attempt and the effectiveness of opening the vesssel.”


Dr. Antoni Serra

Hospital Sant Pau, Barcelona, España

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