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We are thrilled to announce the establishment of the Research Chair in Surgery at the UAB Faculty of Medicine, thanks to our most recent collaboration with the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

This strategic partnership aims to encourage research, generate synergies and promote knowledge transfer in the field of surgery, crucial for clinical practice and healthcare outcomes.

According to Professor Salvador Navarro Soto, Dean of the UAB Faculty of Medicine, “In recent years, it has become evident that medical research must extend to innovation and collaboration with industry. The synergy between our faculty and iVascular, exemplified by the Research Chair in Surgery led by Professor José María Balibrea, addresses these needs.”

Lluís Duocastella, our CEO and founder, emphasizes our commitment to collaboration across all levels and areas of R&D, aiming to advance, improve, innovate, and create value. “Our goal is to harness and support talent, creativity, and innovation to progress and provide access to new products that enhance patients’ lives.”

The Chair’s planned activities include studies in robotic surgery and the implementation of an international training course on innovation and value creation in surgical research, culminating in the establishment of the ‘School of Innovation in Surgery.’ This project will feature prominent global figures in research to provide valuable training to healthcare professionals.

Professor José María Balibrea expresses the significance of collaborating with iVascular, highlighting the opportunity to contribute real value through applied clinical research. He emphasizes that this public-private alliance underscores the essential collaboration between academia and industry, not only for research viability but also for grounding academic work in a social context beyond the purely academic realm.