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Luminor DCB has confirmed its excellent safety and efficacy in femoropopliteal lesions with new study LUMIFOLLOW

iVascular presented at PVI (Paris Vascular Insights) the 1 year outcomes of a prospective, multicenter, consecutive, post-market study:  LUMIFOLLOW. This trial aimed to evaluate the performance of Luminor DCB in femoropopliteal lesions of 534 real-world patients, up to 5 years follow-up. 

The trial included 77% patients with Rutherford stage higher than 3 from different centers from France. The average lesion length was 13 cm and all type of TASC were included. 24% of the lesions were restenosis while the 76% were de novo. The bailout stenting rate was 43%, representing the percentage of TASC C&D lesions.    

At 1 year follow-up an impressive 95.4% of fTLR has been achieved and a fTVR of 94.2%. At 1 year, patient symptomatology has decreased, 68% of the patients are asymptomatic (Rutherford stage 0). No safety concerns have been detected 

Prof. Eric Ducasse (CHU Bordeaux, France), LUMIFOLLOW trial principal investigator, was in charge of presenting the outcomes for the first time LUMIFOLLOW confirms what we already knew about Luminor with a large population number: it’s an effective DCB for the treatment of femoropopliteal arteries.  iVascular’s proprietary nanotechnology makes the difference vs other DCBs.”