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Barcelona, 04th of May 2021. iVascular has recently received CE mark approval for its BX covered stent iCover.

Balloon-expanding (BX) covered stents are commonly used for treating arteriosclerotic lesions in renal and iliac arteries, and for the treatment of aneurisms and ruptures.

iVascular has designed iCover in order to cover all the possible uses and needs. iCover can adapt to the most tortuous vessels due to its high flexibility and outstanding post-expansion capacity. It also offers an excellent visibility, as is the only BX covered stent with radiopaque markers on the ends of the stent, to facilitate the implantation and the post-expansion.

iCover is encapsulated with iVascular new proprietary technology CoverTech. This technology attaches the inner and outer ePTFE layers through to ensure a complete encapsulation. To iVascular, iCover represents a new step in its history, being one of the 5 companies in the sector, capable of providing this type of technology. With the recent announcement regarding its expansion, iVascular is focused more than ever on meeting the needs of the customers and patients they proudly serve.

iVascular has started the first evaluations with the iCover. “The first clinical experiences with iCover are remarkable, demonstrating the good features of the stent.” Stated Prof Vicente Riambau (Hospital Clinic Barcelona, Spain). He also added that “iCover stands out for its excellent navigability and flexibility, while the radiopaque tantalum markers on its ends provide better visibility under X-rays, which enhances precision during implantation. With the launch of iCover, iVascular offers a complete portfolio to treat all type of peripheral lesions.”