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Barcelona February 4th, 2021. New Luminor DCB clinical evidence in complex lesions and long term follow up, has been presented on the main session of LINC 2021, the interventional course held on January 25th to 29th. These outcomes show Luminor DCB outstanding performance in the most common peripheral lesions.


Evidence in femoropopliteal arteries – EffPac Trial 3.5 years FU

Prof Ulf Teichgräber (Jena University, Germany), principal investigator of EffPac Trial, explained during his presentation at LINC, that at 3.5 years a significant clinical and hemodynamic improvement has been achieved with an amazing TLR rate (freedom from TLR=90.1%). He also remarked that, there is no increased risk of death detected and that all-cause mortality was similar to POBA. Luminor demonstrates astonishing efficacy and safety outcomes even at long term follow-up.


Evidence in complex and long femoropopliteal lesions- TINTIN Trial 2 years FU

Investigating the performance of Luminor in complex and long femoropopliteal lesions, TINTIN trial new 2-year follow-up outcomes, corroborates the efficacy of Luminor. In lesions with a main length of 24.3cm the combined therapy of Luminor + iVolution self-expanding stent has obtained a PP of 90.5% at 1 year and freedom from TLR of 89.4% at 2 years.  Dr Koen Deloose (AZ Sint Blasius, Belgium), PI of the trial, stated that “The combination of vessel preparation, DCB and self-expanding stent is the key to success in real life lesion treatment”


About Luminor

Luminor is a paclitaxel-coated balloon with platforms for different guidewire compatibility: 0.014”, 0.018” and 0.035”. It has been specifically designed for dilatation of stenosis located in the iliac, femoral, iliofemoral, popliteal, infrapopliteal, and renal arteries, as well as for the treatment of obstructive lesions of arteriovenous fistulas, either original or artificial.

The good outcomes obtained from these trials, prove that not all DCBs are the same. The unique iVascular proprietary coating nanotechnology, TransferTech. This technology differentiates Luminor DCB from others by covering the balloon surface with multiple and independent nanodrops layers, providing a flexible coating that adapts to the balloon movement and ensures the release of paclitaxel in the target lesion, without particle loss in the blood flow.

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