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Latest generation DES: ANGIOLITE trial 24-month outcomes revealed at EuroPCR 2019 the non-inferiority of angiolite vs the gold standard EES

Barcelona, May 22nd, 2019 – ANGIOLITE trial 24-month data has been presented for the first time at EuroPCR 2019 by Dr Perez de Prado.

These outcomes show high efficacy and safety regarding angiolite, one of the best new generation DES.

ANGIOLITE trial is a prospective, randomized, multicenter and controlled trial designed to test the non-inferiority of the angiolite SES in comparison with EES in patients with coronary artery disease.

ANGIOLITE trial 24-month outcomes:
In-stent Late Lumen Loss (LLL): angiolite, 0.04mm vs. EES, 0.08mm

Definite of probable stent thrombosis: angiolite, 1.0% vs. EES, 1.9%

Target Lesion Failure (TLF)*: angiolite, 7.1% vs. EES, 7.6%
* composite of cardiac death, target vessel-related MI or clinically-driven TLR

OCT subgroup:
Neo-intimal thickness: angiolite, 72.1μm vs. EES, 86.4 μm

In conclusion, angiographic results demonstrate non inferiority in late lumen loss of angiolite vs. the gold standard EES.

From the clinical point of view, the number of events at 2 years was very low in both groups, reflecting good clinical performance without the occurrence of late catch-up events after discontinuation of DAPT.

The OCT subgroup outcomes demonstrate angiolite to be comparable with EES confirming the equivalence in efficacy.


About angiolite DES
angiolite is a thin-strut cobalt-chromium sirolimus-eluting stent (SES) with an open-cell design which has demonstrated in vitro early endothelial cells growth and reduction of smooth muscle cells proliferation due to the proprietary composition of a biostable fluoro-acrylate polymer. The technology behind the coating of angiolite is TransferWise, a nanodosage system composed by three layers that assure coating integrity and an homogeneous drug elution.