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Coronary balloon dilatation catheter

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Balloon dilatation of the stenotic portion of a coronary artery or of stenosis of bypass grafts replacing coronary arteries, to improve myocardial perfusion. Specifically, the xperience pro balloon catheter is indicated for:

· Stenosis located in native coronary arteries and bypass grafts, including bifurcations.

· Occlusions (including total occlusions) located in native coronary arteries and bypass grafts, including bifurcations.

·The lesions and occlusions may be de novo lesions or restenotic lesions.

· The stenoses can have, as their maximum length, the maximum length of the longest balloon: 40 mm. If the stenosis or occlusion is longer, more than one balloon should be used or different inflations can be made with the same balloon.

· The diameters of the arteries or bypass grafts to be dilated should be between 1.25 mm and 5 mm.


· Rapid Exchange catheter (RX)

· Compatible with 5F guiding catheter

· NP: 6atm

· RBP:16 atm

· Semi-compliant:10-15%

· 2pt/lr metallic radiopaque markers


The Rapid Exchange (RX) balloon catheter Xperience pro, is designed to dilate the stenotic portion of a coronary artery or bypass graft, with the aim of improving myocardial perfusion. The body of the catheter features a combination of a single lumen as proximal shaft and a coaxial double lumen as distal shaft:

· The single lumen consists of a hypotube that provides high pushability to the catheter and allows contrast medium passage from the luer connector to the balloon.

· The coaxial double lumen has two functions:

· Inner lumen for guidewire passage

· Outer lumen for balloon in-deflation, directly connected to the hypotube

At the distal end of the catheter is the balloon, or segment inflatable of known diameter and length. The protective covering of the balloon is a peelable sheath.

At the proximal end of the catheter there is the hub, to which different accessories can be attached. The distal part of the catheter is coated with a durable hydrophilic coating (HYDRAX) that minimizes friction and improves catheter trackability.

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