Thrombus extraction catheter



Patients with fresh, soft embolus and thrombus from the coronary or peripheral vessels, with a minimum diameter of 2 mm.


Compatibility with 6F/7F
Recommended guidewire: 0.014”
2 radiopaque markers: 1 at the tip and the other one at 15 mm from the tip
Catheter usable length of 140 cm
Catheter shaft 6F: proximal 4.2 and distal 4.9
Catheter shaft 7F: proximal 4.9 and distal 5.4
Hydrophilic coating
The components of the catheter are latex-free.
• 1 capturer with stiffening mandrel
• 2 vacuum syringes with locking plunger
• 1 extension line
• 1 stopcock
• 2 filters baskets for clot collection


The thrombus extractor Capturer is designed for the removal of thrombus when connected to one of the syringes included in the system. It has a rapid exchange design (RX) with a single proximal lumen and a double distal lumen. The catheter is compatible with 0.014”/ 0.36 mm guidewires.

Catheter’s shaft displays a configuration of proximal single lumen and distal double lumen:
• The proximal single lumen is reinforced with internal braided wire to provide pushability to the system.
• The distal double lumen is also braided and is flexible to provide trackability. It has two functions:Passage lumen for the guidewire and extraction lumen with a direct connection to the proximal lumen.

The extraction hole is located at the distal end showing a beveled shape. The catheter ends in an atraumatic, rounded tip specially designed to avoid damage in the arteries.

The thrombus extraction catheter incorporates a stiffening mandrel (stylet). The use of this mandrel is optional and its purpose is to prevent the catheter from kinking while advancing towards the treatment area. Capturer is provided with two radiopaque markers. The furthest one is located at the tip while the second marker is located 15 mm more proximally, and helps to measure the length of the lesion.

The proximal shaft has an outer diameter of 1.4 mm and its proximal end incorporates a standard luer connector to facilitate attachment to the extension line and the thrombus extraction syringe. The distal part has a maximum outer diameter of 1.6 mm. The whole system is compatible with 6F guiding catheters (minimal inner diameter 0.070” / 1.78 mm). Catheter’s distal end is coated with a durable hydrophilic solution (HYDRAX PLUS), which minimizes friction and improves catheter’s trackability. Two extraction syringes, a stopcock, an extension line and two filter baskets to collect and deposit the clots removed from the patient are included.

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