Physician-initiated trial investigating the Efficacy of the self-expandable iVOLUTION nitinol stent for treatment of femoropopliteal lesions. Published at The Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery 2019 August;60(4):490-5.

Device: iVolution

Number of patients: 120

Follow-up: 24-month

Type of lesions: femoropopliteal arteries TASC A & B

Outcomes evolution trialThe Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery 2019 August;60(4):490-5

Final results show that the iVolution stent is a valid and effective alternative to treat femoropopliteal TASC A&B lesions. The outstanding flexibility and the high-quality nitinol of the stent makes the difference.

These results confirm the already existing enthusiasm of the use of bare metal self-expandable nitinol stents in the treatment of TASC A&B femoropopliteal lesions. Longer follow-up and a comparison or addition with drug-eluting technology has to be studied in the future.

Dr. Marc Bosiers (São Paulo, Brazil)

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