Non -inferiority, randomized and multicenter clinical trial to compare the efficacy and safety of angiolite versus a second-generation drug-eluting stent such as EES. Published at Eurointervention, July 2019.

Device:  angiolite

Number of patients: 223

Follow up: 24-month

Type of lesion: de novo coronary lesions

In conclusion, this first randomized trial with a novel thin-strut, cobalt-chromium SES with a durable fluoro-acrylate-based biostable polymer found it to be non-inferior to the gold standard second generation EES in terms of angiographic parameters of restenosis. From the clinical point of view, the number of events at 2 years was very low in both groups, reflecting good clinical performance of angiolite.

angiolite is among the best of the new DES generation

This trial demonstrates similar anti-restenotic efficacy at mid-term follow-up of the Angiolite®SES vs. EES. Clinical endpoints were comparable between groups at 2-year follow-up.

Dr J. Moreu Burgos – Hospital Virgen de la Salud (Toledo, SPA)

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